Celia Ireland Crashes Foxtel HQ

Celia Ireland Crashes Foxtel HQ

Celia Ireland crashes the Foxtel Office with a big announcement for Wentworth Fans!

In case you missed it, Wentworth’s Celia Ireland, aka Lizzy Birdsworth crashed the Foxtel Offices earlier today surprising fans with a sneak peak on what to expect from the upcoming season of Foxtel’s award winning Original Drama series, Wentworth.


“We’re incredibly excited… I think the anticipation is really reaching fever pitch now!” Celia said of the cast’s current vibe toward the premiere of Season 5 on April 4.

With Season 4 leaving audiences screaming, crying and sobbing in disbelief as they watched the show’s most iconic character Bea ‘Queen Bea’ Smith being stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver in a wild attack by Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson, Celia promises fans that this season will take this and all the open ended story lines from the previous season to the next level and will keep on delivering the series notorious ‘edge-of-your-seat’ viewing experience and encourages fans to come on board and embrace these new story lines.

“One, two, three and four (series) had a bit of a juggernaut with Bea – she was at the center of that road and I think now it’s a shared narrative and whilst it’s really different, it’s really great!”

Off the cuff of International Women’s Day Celia also touches on how important the strong predominately female cast, lead characters and relatable storylines are to people around the globe.

“To see women in positions of power and to see how they use that power or misuse power, to see the crucible and life of a prison and how it shatters people apart and puts people back together – you just don’t see women in those roles.”

Not only did Celia treat fans to an insider scoop on what to expect for Season 5, but she also announced ‘The Interrogation Room’ – Live Facebook Q&A’s with the Wentworth Cast immediately after each episode. Fans will have the opportunity to ‘interrogate’ and ‘engage’ live with their favourite Wentworth cast members each week with the identity of the person in question kept under wraps until their Live Feed begins.

And if fans are still not sold that Season 5 can possibly rise any higher than the previous series, Celia has 8 reasons why you should watch…

“Season 5 is dynamic, complex, it’s compelling, confronting, new, different, surprising annnd amazing! You’ve gotta watch it!”

Wentworth new season premieres April 4 only on showcase or stream on Foxtel Play.

–        Kellie Brown

Here is the full live feed…