Let’s Talk About

Let’s Talk About, an ambitious short series produced by up-and coming writer, director and actor Matilda Brown, the daughter of iconic Australian actor Bryan Brown who will also star in the project.

Let’s Talk About is a 10-part series about being “up the duff” in a relationship that’s only just begun. Each 3 minute episode in the series will focus on a particular subject during the nine months of pregnancy resulting in content that is both entertaining, informative, cheeky and funny.

Let’s Talk About revolves around Claire (played by Matilda Brown) and Ben (Richard Davies, Offspring) who have only recently started dating and now discover that Claire is pregnant. Their predicament means there are some conversations they just can’t avoid, no matter how painful and this series explores them.

The series will also star Lisa Hensley (Brides of Christ, Dating the Enemy) as Claire’s mother, while Bryan Brown (Cocktail, Australia, Two Hands) will play her on screen father. Also featuring in the series will be Steve Le Marquand (RakeUnderbelly) as a surf shop owner and Bruce Spence (Legend of the Seeker, Cloudstreet) as a father of three with one on the way.