A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 11 Gallery

Episode 11 – Lie Deep Regina’s body is delivered to the hospital. Henry and Sarah prepare for an autopsy and discover that Regina’s cause of death was not drowning. The question remains, was it suicide or murder? Sarah begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Meanwhile Anna and Henry find comfort in each other…Read more

5 things that happened in “Lie Deep” Season 5 Episode 11

5 that happened in Episode 3 – “Lie Deep” WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW  Jack returns home Frank and Roy discover Jack at another part of the river. They take him home to clean him up before delivering him to Ash Park. Full of shame and self-loathing, Jack declares to Carolyn that he is leaving town. Carolyn insists…Read more

Showcase has you covered this holiday season!

Here’s a break down of your must-watch dramas on showcase this December! A PLACE TO CALL HOME Sundays at 8:30pm: A Place to Call Home S5 wraps up the season on Christmas Eve. SHAMELESS Tuesdays at 8.30pm: Shameless S8 continues, express from the US, with a HIATUS on December 26. THE EXORCIST Wednesdays at 8.30pm: The Exorcist S2 continues throughout…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 10 Gallery

Episode 10 – Death Comes To An End Elizabeth launches Douglas’ veterans’ fund to representatives of the Australian-Aboriginal Fellowship. Meanwhile Sir Richard’s digging has unearthed some scurrilous information that he is sure will see an abrupt end to Jack’s political ambitions. With one deft strike Sir Richard’s destruction of Jack Duncan looks complete. A body is…Read more

5 things that happened in “Death Comes To An End” Season 5 Episode 10

5 that happened in Episode 3 – “Death Comes To An End” WARNING: SERIOUS SPOILERS BELOW!!! Jack stands for the next Federal election. Jack is giving it his all on the hustings.  He’s embraced his new role whole-heartedly and has the support of most of the community with the exception of Stan O’Rourke and his bigoted…Read more

Foxtel announces another season of A Place To Call Home

Foxtel announces another season of A Place To Call Home for 2018! Foxtel is delighted to announce a sixth season of the much-loved Australian period drama A PLACE TO CALL HOME has been commissioned and will begin filming in early 2018. Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh said ”Foxtel is very proud of A…Read more

THE X-FILES returns for Season 11 exclusive to Foxtel

THE X-FILES returns for Season 11  Express from the US and exclusive to Foxtel Foxtel announced today it has secured the latest Season 11 of worldwide TV phenomenon The X-Files returning exclusively to Foxtel’s showcase channel Thursdays from January 4 at 8.30pm Express from the US. The hit drama series once again stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 9 Gallery

Episode 9 – All That Lies Ahead Regina’s plan to divest the family of Sir Richard’s control requires trust and Jack’s participation. Sarah still harbours doubts about Regina’s motives for helping the family. Anna is attracted to Matthew but her flirtations come to nought. To everyone’s surprise, it is Olivia in whom Matthew is interested. Sir…Read more

5 things that happened in “All that lies ahead” Season 5 Episode 9

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW Douglas’ son, Matthew arrives in Inverness Douglas’ son, Matthew arrives and reveals a terrible rift that kept he and his father estranged. Matt is handsome, charming and solicitous of Elizabeth. She invites him to dinner where he regales Elizabeth, Anna and Olivia with surfing stories. He offers to take them all to…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 8 Gallery

Episode 8 – Cloudbreak James’ refusal to return home, Douglas’ death and the fracturing of the family have led to George questioning the value of trying to save Ash Park. Perhaps it would be easier to sell it off and walk away? Henry reels from the loss of James. Elizabeth buries herself in work at the…Read more

5 things that happened in “Cloudbreak” Season 5 Episode 8

5 that happened in Episode 3 – “Cloudbreak” WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW George is in a deep funk George is in a deep funk; the realisation that Sir Richard has ultimate control of Ash Park finances, James’ refusal to return home and the fracturing of the family have made him question trying to save Ash Park. ‘Open…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 7 Gallery

Episode 7 – Anatomy Of A Death In the midst of the family’s grief, George must deal with a rabid Sir Richard keen on finding out George’s decision regarding the upcoming federal election. Olivia returns home without James. Henry and George deal with the grief of rejection. Sarah realises Elizabeth’s complicity in Douglas’ death and…Read more

5 things that happened in “Anatomy Of A Death” Season 5 Episode 7

5 that happened in Episode 7 – “Anatomy Of A Death” WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW We return to Ash Park one month later. 1. Douglas has passed We return to Ash Park on the night of VP Day, a few hours after the party Elizabeth organised for Douglas, and an hour since Douglas’ death.  Elizabeth’s apparent icy…Read more

5 things that happened in “Demons Of The Dark” Season 5 Episode 6

5 that happened in Episode 6 – “Demons Of The Dark” Sarah suffers a post-traumatic stress episode George settles Sarah who, after seeing a woman she believes to have been a guard in Ravensbruck in the last episode. Sarah decides she may be mistaken but later awakes from a nightmare and quietly is determined to take…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 6 Gallery

Episode 6 – Demons Of The Dark Roy confronts Larry about his involvement in the burning down of Frank’s shack. Larry is taught a valuable lesson and is redeemed. Douglas finally realises his prognosis and asks for assistance to die. Anna defends herself against Sir Richard in an attempted rape. She flees to Ash Park…Read more

Are you ready for the new season of Shameless?

We all see those posts on forums… “Um so I have finished watching [insert latest show here] and need something new, hit me with your recommendations” and Shameless is usually one of those that makes us think – man, I need to get on the Shameless binge watch already. But if like us, you haven’t…Read more

Showcase in November

Here’s what you need to see in November on showcase. Shamless – Oscar®-nominated William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum star in this fiercely engaging and fearlessly twisted series. Chicagoan Frank Gallagher is the proud single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids, who without him would be…perhaps better off. When Frank’s not at the bar…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 5 Gallery

Episode 5 – Don’t Go Gently In Canberra Sarah attends a political function and experiences a post traumatic stress episode when she recognises the wife of an American dignitary – a guard from Ravensbrück concentration camp. Back in Inverness Larry becomes complicit in Stan’s vindictive retribution upon Frank and helps burn down Frank’s shack.

5 things that happened in “Don’t Go Gently” Season 5 Episode 5

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW 5 things that happened in Episode 5 – “Don’t Go Gently” 1.Douglas and his prognosis take a turn for the worst Jack and Henry butt heads over informing Douglas of his prognosis when Elizabeth overhears the conversation and abruptly settles the debate. “This is not your decision to make. Douglas is not to…Read more

A Place To Call Home Season 5 Episode 4 Gallery

Episode 4 – The Edge Of Reason Regina’s return triggers a catastrophic event – Douglas begins to haemorrhage. He is rushed to hospital where Henry makes a dreadful discovery. The cancer has spread. Regina reveals that Sir Richard is hell bent on ruining the Bligh family. Sarah decides to accompany George to Canberra.