Night King

Night King

Game Of Thrones is returning for the seventh season of this epic story of power, war and fantasy.

Season six left us with the foreboding words of Jon Snow warning that Winter has come and the battle of the thrones is childs play compared to what is coming.

Led by The Night King, the army of White Walkers are marching through the Seven Kingdoms waging war and spreading cold with Westeros in their sight.

Game Of Thrones - Night King

The Night King is known to be the first of his kind, created by the ‘Children Of The Forest’ as a form of protection against the First Men who had no regard for their sacred forests. It was Bran Stark’s companion Leaf who pressed the dragonglass dagger into the chest of the Night King when he was just a man, turning his eyes blue and beginning the transformation into a White Walker.

Game Of Thrones - Night King

The Night King has a range of special abilities which allow him to continue to conquer and expand his army. His exact age is unknown but having been around for approximately twelve thousand years it is evident that he cannot die from natural causes.

It is unsure if this ability is shared among all White Walkers or if The Night King exclusively holds the ability to convert new born human babies to White Walkers. With just press of his finger to the cheek of a baby he is able to convert the infant to one of his White Walkers.

“The true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.” – Jon Snow

The White Walkers have enhanced strength and have the ability to flash freeze weapons and shatter them, making them an extremely formidable foe in battle.

The Night King can animate corpses as his servants, raising an army of the dead with a wave of his arms. He does not need to make physical contact with the dead to turn them and has complete control over these ‘Wights’ once they have risen.

There is still much to learn about the mysterious Night King, his army of White Walkers and his Wight minions but what is certain is that Jon Snow and the rest of the men and women of Westeros should be shaking in their boots….and not just because Winter Is Here.

Game Of Thrones - Night King


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