5 Things that happened in S5 Episode 1 “Own Worst Enemy” – A Place To Call Home


1. There are a few new faces in Inverness.

We begin Series 5 at the Dawn Service, Anzac Day, 1958.  At the gathering but significantly removed, we see a returned Aboriginal soldier, Frank Gibbs.

Frank is an Aranda man and former Australian Army Private. He’s headstrong and witty. On his good days he’s bold as, and on his bad days, he’s a man shackled by the trauma of his past, and racism.

At the Inverness War Memorial where we first see Frank, the solemnity is broken by a young Larry Grey yahooing past the gathering in his car.

Now a handsome, but rough around the edges young mechanic, Larry was once the young boy Sarah kept in after school.

And in the passenger seat we see 17 year-old Leah Gold.

Leah in her younger years, she spent a long period recovering from TB under the care of Sarah. She has drifted from her sense of Jewish identity and wants to fit in with other young people, especially her secret boyfriend Larry Forbes

2. Regina may have had a breakthrough

In the asylum, Regina urgently wants to see her psychiatrist… Regina offers George a divorce. George is dubious. Elizabeth is scathing.

Recap this moment below: 

3. We find out that Anna is romantically caught up with Ed Jarvis and Anna pulls tender vines back out of the bottom draw, but not for long.

In her apartment, Anna is in bed with her publisher, Ed Jarvis, having woken with another hangover…

Later Anna visits Elizabeth and reveals that she’s in the middle of ‘second book syndrome’. She takes Elizabeth’s advice to put “Tender Vines” forward for publication but it opens old wounds for Anna.

4. An ambulance whisks one of your favourites away…

At home, Douglas has a coughing fit, which results in blood. An ambulance is called.

5. Sarah and George face the fact, that due to religion they may not be wed.

Sarah sees Regina’s offer of divorce as an opportunity to move on from the limbo in which she and George have been living the last four years and George wants Sarah and he to stand proud as husband and wife, as parents.  But there still lies uncertainty about David’s religion.

Watch the episode 1 recap below: