Showcase in June

June brings Aussie Premiere of Queen of the South Season 2  Queen of the South, Season 2 Queen of the South is based on the literary page-turner “La Reina Del Sur”, the top-selling novel by the internationally acclaimed author Arturo Pérez-Reverte, which also yielded a Telemundo series that became one of the most popular telenovelas…Read more

GOT Marathon

  GAME OF THRONES TAKES OVER BOXSETS! Every episode of Game of Thrones, including bonus featurettes, airs over 2 weeks on BoxSets. Catch up on all the action, scheming, manipulation, iconic characters and greatest moments as the countdown is on for the new season of Game of Thrones. Go ‘Inside Game of Thrones’ will the bonus…Read more

Beats Behind The Bars S5

EPISODE 10 Song: Cops/Capacity Artist: DZ Deathrays Album: The Brutal Tapes (2014) Scene: Ferguson watches over as her minions scrub the shower block clean. GET IT ON ITUNES HERE EPISODE 8 Song: Winter Bird Artist: Aurora Album: All My Demons Greating Me As A Friend (2016) Scene: Franky and Bridget break up and Bridget leaves Wentworth for the last time. GET IT ON…Read more


Episode 9 : Snakehead What do you get when you cross Episode 9 and Tuesday night?! Being incredibly tired Wednesday morning from not being able to sleep – that’s what! What an amazing episode! It’s that time of the week where we sit down and go through everything to make sure not a detail went amiss. Let’s…Read more

Nicole da Silva answers the tough questions!

SHE’S BACK IN prison as Wentworth’s resident bad girl Franky. We catch up with the actress during day release to get the scoop on the TV programs she can’t live without. When I watch TV I must have… Chocolate. My favourite Foxtel program is… Too hard to narrow down! My dream evening of television would…Read more